Recipe: Yihong fast green - Sprite iced bitter melon

Home Cooking Recipe: Yihong fast green - Sprite iced bitter melon


A creative cold dish that is perfect for summer. The bitter gourd is cut into extremely thin strips, and the emerald stretches in the cool Sprite, which is a small bubble, with a soft strip. The bitter gourd that has been chilled has a crisp taste, and the bitterness has become a relish. With the embellishment of cherry tomatoes, it is very popular with the words "Yihong fast green".



  1. Bitter gourd splits the head and tail, removes the middle capsule with a spoon

  2. Use a plane to plan a thin strip along the longitudinal section of bitter gourd

  3. Bitter gourd is boiled in boiling water, cold with cold water, put into the iced good sprite, and add a few cherry tomatoes.


It is best to use a transparent glass container.

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