Recipe: Yellow peach jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow peach jam


Rarely bought yellow peach, but there is no taste, put it to the rotten and not sweetened ⊙ ⊙ 汗 汗 sweat with the easiest way to pick up a jam, gorgeous turned 呦 (^o^) / ~ with Bread, biscuits, yoghurt, soaked water, all good. O(∩_∩)O~




1, sugar can also use sugar 2, a lot of recipes to make jam and add lemon, just did not add on hand 3, the yellow peach bought this time because it is too tasteless, the sugar is added more, the sweet fruit can be added with less sugar, but the sugar also plays a role in antiseptic, so it can not be added too little 4, pickling, I usually wait for the water to go out almost no ingredients 5, the jam made by yourself is based on sugar, lemon is hot and anti-corrosive, so you should enjoy it as soon as possible, use a clean spoon to dig each time you eat it.

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