Recipe: Yellow croaker stewed tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow croaker stewed tofu



  1. Yellow croakers go to scales, laparotomy, go to internal organs and sputum, wash and control

  2. The fish has a double-sided side knife, the tofu is cut into large pieces, and the onion is cut into pieces of ginger.

  3. From the oil pan, when the oil is warm, sauté the onion ginger, star anise and dried red pepper

  4. Put two scoops of bean paste into the fire and sauté

  5. Add fish and add water, the water has not passed the fish, the fire is boiled

  6. Transfer the cooking wine, sugar and vinegar, continue to cook over medium heat until the soup is over half

  7. Add tofu, add the right amount of salt, continue to stew with medium heat

  8. Until the soup is basically dried, transferred into MSG, sprinkle with chopped green onion


There are many ways to eat tofu and fish. Among them, fish head tofu soup is more common, and it is also convenient to make it: when the pot is cooked, first fry the fish head, then add water to the tofu and stew. When cooked, the soup is milky white, thick like fresh milk; the tofu is smooth and tender, and it is not greasy to eat. If you are a woman, you can choose between squid and tofu, and you can also play a role in beauty; if you are braised, you can choose squid.

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