Recipe: Yangmei Liquor (Sake Brewed)

Home Cooking Recipe: Yangmei Liquor (Sake Brewed)


Xiao Xiaozheng. I suddenly remember that Yang Mei is ripe. Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet, the canned amaryllis in June is the time to open and drink. Compared with white wine, the Yangmei wine made from sake is softer and is suitable for family drinking. #乐购TESCO优鲜下厨房-水果#



  1. Bayberry is rinsed with Erguotou

  2. Put some rock sugar in the glass sealed bottle, then put a layer of bayberry, then rock sugar, and then put the bayberry. Layered and laid.

  3. Pour in the sake and keep it in a cool place.


Yangmei should not be over-cooked, and it is better to choose a firmer feel. The degree of sake is relatively low, and the bayberry should not be washed with water. Salt water does not work either. This point I passed with @Pan Xiaoyue, and her family did the same. The amount of rock sugar can be increased or decreased, but also because the degree of sake is low, the amount of sugar should not be too small.

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