Recipe: Yam black chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Yam black chicken soup



  1. The black-bone chicken bought a vegetable farm and processed it. After going home, it was washed and cut.

  2. Put the water in the pan and boil in the appropriate amount of rice wine. Pour the cut black-bone chicken into the boil and cook for another two or three minutes. Turn off the water and wash it clean.

  3. Put the watered and cleaned black-bone chicken into the casserole, add enough cold water at a time, add the onion knot, shoot the scattered ginger, boil the fire directly and simmer for about an hour and a half, add the right amount of salt to taste. And add the yam cut into a hob block and turn it to a big fire to boil. Turn the small fire and then cook it until the yam noodles. Add the right amount of scorpion for five minutes before the pot.


1. Yam has two kinds of noodles and crispy. It is generally used for frying. The noodles are usually used for stewing or steaming. ~~ It is necessary to pay attention to hypoallergenic when washing and removing yam. It is best not to directly contact yam. It can be worn with a disposable glove or a plastic wrap. The yam is easily oxidized. It is best to treat it before it is placed in the pan, or after dicing it, immediately put it into the water with a little white vinegar.

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