Recipe: Yacon red bean purple rice milk porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Yacon red bean purple rice milk porridge


I want to buy yam but I bought it as a yacon. When I am going to be bad, I put it in the red bean purple rice milk porridge, but I have an unexpected good taste. The sweet and fragrant yacon fruit is combined with the purple rice red bean, which is richer and refreshed. Recommend to everyone~ In addition, the yacon is a cold thing, and it is more suitable for heating in winter.



  1. Soak the red beans and soak them for 24 hours.

  2. Soak the purple rice and soak it with the red beans

  3. Add boiled red bean purple rice porridge, water is twice as much as rice and red beans

  4. Add 5 pieces of rock sugar when red bean and purple rice are cooked

  5. When there is no liquid in the pan, that is, when you start to cook a little bit, put a packet of milk.

  6. Cut the yacon into small diced and put it in when the milk starts to boil

  7. When the milk boils again, start the pot.


I made it with a super simple rice cooker. There is no difference between fire and small fire. Only cooking and heat preservation. In this dish, the rice cooker is in a state of cooking for a long time. The amount used in the step is exactly one person.

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