Recipe: Xiaolan powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Xiaolan powder


The powdered fruit can be steamed with water or half fried with oil. The powdered fruit is also known as the “sister-in-law powder”. According to legend, the powdered fruit was created by a maid named “Sister Jie” before the war. Because of the unique flavor of the powder, it was taken by the boss of “Tea Fragrance Room”. Sister went to the tea room to host.



  1. Lean meat, mud, fat, carrots, shredded carrots, coriander, minced, mixed, seasoned into a filling;

  2. Add lard, raw flour, a little water and powder into a group of 5, and wrap the stuffing;

  3. Put it in a steamer and steam for 5 minutes until cooked.


1. The ratio of raw meal, oil and water should be adjusted. 2, the skin and shape are slightly larger than the shrimp dumplings, not necessarily half-moon shape, but the stuffing is shrimp, fresh pork, pork roast, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, etc., the flavor is different from shrimp dumplings.

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