Recipe: Xiao Yan’s black tea shortbread

Home Cooking Recipe: Xiao Yan’s black tea shortbread


In fact, it’s iced cookies~(≧▽≦)/~ I used to read the finished products on Huan’s blog, and I did this for the first time after I bought the book. On the first day, I stole a small piece and tasted a bit of tea. To be honest, it was not very delicious. The next day, when breakfast is eaten... It’s amazing! This taste~ buttery butter plus flour is still a cookie, I like it so much... It seems that no one has uploaded this recipe, I wanted to keep it for the other gods. However, it is so delicious (I feel that it is not good to eat or not), so I decided to use the time before the class to pass the party. What is wrong and add it back and change it~ By the way, bring a few O to the teacher ( ∩_∩)O Ha! Sending people should be good~! Introduce: Black tea shortbread is the only biscuit in this book with eggs, and the use of powdered sugar, fermented butter to make the tissue more delicate, softer taste. The crushed black tea is added to it, so it will produce fine cracks and a crisp mouthfeel. Need to pay attention to a few points: (including small biscuits and other biscuits) 1. Use a lot of butter, so please try to use good quality, unoxidized fermented butter, the temperature of the butter is very important, soften too much, stir while rolling It is not good to soften it. (The method of temperature control will be mentioned in the tips.) 2. When adding flour, do not continue to stir carefully after not seeing the dry powder. (Not the same as Nakajima's method, pay attention to!!!) 3. When baking, the degree of baking will affect the final taste, must be baked to the color described in the book (bottom) cough, although said above It’s not easy to look at it. (There is too much nonsense.) There are a lot of precautions and preparations... But this is already a very simple and easy to use book. It’s so much hope that everyone’s reference materials are Some, do better (⊙o⊙)



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I. Material Description There are several common brands of fermented butter: President, Tower, Dome, Bridel, etc. I used the kind of butter that looks like a white butter from Argentina. In fact, there is a small part of the salt, the name is for example, the iron tower is like butter, and the ingredients are labeled with fermenting bacteria. Low-gluten flour personally feels that the amount of the score is still quite large, so the quality of the flour is very important (although it is not mentioned in the book), the good flour is baked and there is flour, I use the French-made T45 low-powder. Red tea leaves can be used as tea bags for Earl's milk tea, ready-made broken tea leaves. All of the above can be used in the omnipotent Taobao 亲~ pro. The problem in the production process 1. Butter temperature adjustment: when the room temperature is 20~23 °c, the butter is 20 °c after the temperature is warm. When the room temperature is higher than 23 °c, the butter should be Keep at around 19 ° C When the temperature is below 20 ° C, preheat the oven to 30 ~ 35 ° C, then turn off the power, put the butter into the oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Until the butter is soft and the temperature is 20~23°c, the butter may change during the operation. The summer may be softer, and the ice water may be slightly cooled. In winter, it may be hard and it needs a little high temperature to soften it. Improper handling. Be careful to melt the butter.) Temperature measurement can be done with a special temperature meter for cake shops or baking training courses. Avoid uneven temperature of the butter (that is, it is hard to be soft inside.) When adjusting the temperature, cut the butter into 5~7 mm thick pieces, and drain them flat, and cover with plastic wrap. If the thickness is the same, the temperature of the butter can be kept even. I will build a new recipe for the butter processing method described in the detailed book. I will put the address here~2. The ninth step is recommended to be reusable and used many times. Because of the new and disposable pad edges that may be rolled up during baking, the placed biscuit embryos are displaced. In the tenth step, the shortbread must be placed at intervals. Don't be greedy, otherwise it will become bigger. When it is time... 3. Pay attention to the baking time and release the flavor of butter and black tea as much as possible. (When the roast is good, the whole house is lemony) If the whole product is baked in a yellowish color, the smell of the butter is almost left. * Some of the above texts are from "Following the Bun"

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