Recipe: Xiamen Shacha

Home Cooking Recipe: Xiamen Shacha


Time-consuming: 20 minutes Cost: 10 yuan (face 0.5, shrimp 2, squid 2, red sausage 1, pork roast 1, green bean sprout 0.5, sand tea powder 0.5, peanut butter 1) (1 serving)



  1. Put the oil in the pan, the lower sand tea sauce and the peanut butter, the ratio is about 2:1, and the small fire is constantly stirred evenly. Burn a pot of water at the same time.

  2. After 2 minutes of scenting, add cold water, let the shrimp and squid, boil over low heat and cook the scent. If the shrimp and squid are frozen, simmer on low heat.

  3. After boiling, put in the red sausage and barbecued pork, the ingredients are free, fish balls and lean meat can be. Add a little salt to taste.

  4. Put the pan aside, take a small stockpot, pour in the water, just enough to drown the noodles. Put in noodles, vegetables, bean sprouts.

  5. It can be hot, don't burn it to the surface and soften it, put it in a bowl or pour it directly.

  6. The soup bottom of the ingredients in the pan is topped. Sprinkle a little parsley and garlic.

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