Recipe: Xiamen sea bream fried - the taste of home

Home Cooking Recipe: Xiamen sea bream fried - the taste of home


Xiamen people fry from the sea bream of snacks~



  1. 1. Wash the sea bream 2 times and pick up 2. Carrot grater 3. Scallion cut 5 mm small section 4. Mix together with a small amount of salt and sweet potato powder, stir well, stir until the sweet potato powder melts. 5. Put the oil in the pan, medium heat, heat it and let it go. (If you are not sure about the taste, you can first cook a small spoon and try to eat it. If it is too light, continue to add salt and stir.)


I have tried leek and garlic, and there are no onions. The green onion is very good~

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