Recipe: Xiamen sea bream

Home Cooking Recipe: Xiamen sea bream


The ancient "Compendium of Materia Medica" said that the sea otter "eats more, can cleanse the skin, make up the kidney and strengthen the yang, and can cure the imaginary, solve the erysipelas." Modern nutrition has also confirmed that the name of the sea bream is oyster, which is rich in nutrients and contains nutrients such as vitamins, taurine, glycogen and other minerals. Its iodine content is 200 times higher than that of milk and egg yolk. The high amount of zinc can be the crown of other foods. It has always been known as "the milk in the sea". It is said that Song Meiling often eats sea bream to keep his face beautiful. In Xiamen, there is a classic snack sea bream that has been passed down to the present, almost no matter which restaurant has this dish. Use the finest "beads", add garlic leaves, sweet potato powder, eggs together, then fry in the pan to both sides of the yellow. The smell of the nose, the white sea bream, the green garlic leaves, the yellow egg juice, and the red and bright Minnan flavored sweet and spicy sauce, fragrant, spicy, fresh, tender, slippery, the taste of the entrance is both, making people eternal memorable.



  1. Wash the sea otter clean and drain the water, cut the 4 garlic leaves into pieces, put them in a large bowl and add a spoonful of soy sauce.

  2. Put in the sweet potato powder. There is a proportional problem here. I am a pound of jellyfish, adding six spoonfuls of sweet potato powder. Friends who like to eat more jellyfish can reduce the amount of sweet potato powder.

  3. Add the right amount of water. Stir all ingredients well

  4. Put two eggs into the bowl with even spare

  5. Put the oil in the pot, after 90% heat (apply on the top and feel the hot), then pour all the ingredients into the pot. The key: the oil should be put more, because it is to make sea bream, the oil is best not to add in the middle, you need to put it all at once.

  6. After the sea otter is poured, don't flip it right away, wait for the pie-shaped sea bream to start fringing and start to have some slight yellowing, then turn it over with a spatula.

  7. The method of fried sea bream: Do not use a spatula to shoot. This kind of sea bream is not soft and delicious, it is best to gently flip it.

  8. Keep turning over and wait for all the sides of the jellyfish to fry on both sides, pour the egg on top, and continue to fry for a while.

  9. The egg liquid will soon solidify. At this time, the tender sea bream can be cooked, and it can be eaten with the sweet and spicy sauce of Xiamen.

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