Recipe: Xi Shi Corn

Home Cooking Recipe: Xi Shi Corn


Xi Shi corn, the dish is as famous, delicious and delicious. This is also one of the dishes that the Republic of China Red House has made me remember. (Transferred from the Chinese chef website, the details have been revised.)



  1. a. If canned corn, filter out the soup (about 20 grams, sweet taste, need to stay), boil in boiling water, remove and add 20 grams of salad dressing and mix well.rb. If you use your own cooked corn, you can leave 40g of boiled corn water and 80g of sugar, pickle with sugar water for one hour (leave 20g of sugar water), remove and add 20g salad dressing and mix well.

  2. Cook the peas, add honey to the mud with a blender, sift and let cool.

  3. Take a cylindrical mold (both empty at both ends) and put it into the dish. Stir the mixed corn and stuff it until it is eight minutes full. Put a layer of steamed pea puree on it and pull out the mold.

  4. Red tomato is peeled and peeled, the tomato meat is made into juice, and the raw juice of canned corn (or sugar water) + 3 grams of honey is mixed and poured into the dish.

  5. Put 3 small tomatoes on the pea puree, add mint leaves or other green leaves to decorate (personal feel, better flavor after chilling).

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