Recipe: Wrap

Home Cooking Recipe: Wrap


Guangdong is called Wonton, Sichuan is called copying, and Hubei is called Baotou. To be honest, when I was young, I said that Dongdong, which is stuffed with meat and stuffed with meat, is called dumplings. Today, I will call it Wonton! A lot of wonton, but I have never wrapped it myself. I heard that it can be used for a lot of tricks! I have stolen a teacher on the Internet and specially photographed the process. I bought a square of wonton skin, I heard that there is a trapezoid. Put the meat in the middle of the wonton skin.



  1. Dip a corner of the wonton skin and fold it in half to form a triangle

  2. Dip one side of the triangle into the water and wrap it up

  3. The other side is also covered with water, so the wonton is wrapped up.

  4. I took a big dish in a moment.

  5. Using potato puree to make soup base, add a lot of black pepper, spicy and very enjoyable, is my favorite

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