Recipe: Wood mustard

Home Cooking Recipe: Wood mustard


This dish is very simple, easy to cook, nutritious, and has the effect of beauty and moisturizing!



  1. Eggs are put into the bowl, beaten with egg beater, put in ginger (can put the ginger at the end can not put, I put the purpose is to freshen) to be used, tomatoes cut!

  2. Pour the oil into the hot pot, pour the egg into the egg liquid, and fry it slightly, then stir it up. (Remember not to smash too much, affecting the appearance)

  3. Add the tomato pieces and stir fry until the juice is added. Add the shallot and serve.


This dish has a slight requirement for the egg's heat. If you put in the tomato, the egg can't be too old, nor too tender, otherwise it will affect the taste. This dish does not need to put chicken powder, otherwise the taste of the dish is heavy.

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