Recipe: Wonton stuffed with winter vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Wonton stuffed with winter vegetables



  1. Stir the meat with all the ingredients (except the celery and chopped green onion) until the meat is tight.

  2. Place the refrigerator, take it out after three hours, add a little water to stir, the meat should not be too dry and not too thin.

  3. The final task is to pack. (This does not need to be described in detail, huh, huh)

  4. Boil the water, add the simmer and boil, add a little cold water, and boil the salt for a while. The dough is transparent.

  5. Add celery, chopped green onion, salt, fried garlic, sesame oil, spicy oil, and a little vinegar. (If you don't like spicy, you don't have to add it, it's still delicious!)


The taste is often good, her husband's food is also more than usual. Winter vegetables are being played to the extreme by me:))

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