Recipe: Wonderful mustard shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Wonderful mustard shrimp


The second wave of Christmas, Wonderful salad shrimp, Rich taste, A wonderful tongue tip experience. The pace of Christmas is getting closer and closer. This simple version of the wonderful mustard shrimp is for couples who want to make Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. It is simple and quick to make, beautiful in appearance, because of the mustard in the salad dressing, taste Very new. Very suitable for Christmas Eve, personally give him the heart of your favorite. I wish all lovers can have a warm and romantic Christmas Eve! This shrimp inside can be fried, but following the principle of healthy eating, I simply use the method of scalding, no oil and healthier.



  1. Fresh live shrimp, go back to the shrimp intestines, leave the tail and the last section of the shrimp shell

  2. Boil the water in the pot, put a little salt and cooking wine, put the peeled shrimp into the hot, remove and use the kitchen paper towel to absorb the surface moisture.

  3. Squeeze the salad dressing in a small bowl and put a proper amount of green mustard (this amount depends on the degree of spicy taste of the mustard). Mix the mustard and salad dressing (patience, mix with smooth and no particles)

  4. Hold the tail of the cooked shrimp with your hand, put the shrimp into the mustard salad dressing, let the shrimp be wrapped in the sauce except the part of the tail, then use the potato chips as a support, and put the shrimp with the mustard salad dressing up. On the potato chips, sprinkle with colored needles (this step is omitted without colored needles)


1. Shrimp should choose a big head, it is more suitable to use freshwater shrimp, I use the shrimp. If you must use sea shrimp, because the shrimp itself is heavy, you need to change the step of boiling the shrimp to fry. 2. The potato chips should be chosen for the light taste. I chose the cucumber flavor. If you use the strong flavor of the potato chips, you will take the taste of the shrimp and mustard salad dressing. 3. If you have yellow mustard at home, you can change the green mustard inside to yellow mustard, and the taste is a bit different.

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