Recipe: Wolfberry quail quail soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Wolfberry quail quail soup



  1. Wash the peeled sputum, go to the intestines and ass

  2. With yam, glutinous, ginger, add a small amount of water, stew for 1 hour

  3. A water-proof stewing method can also be used. Seasoned with a little salt after cooking


1. 鹌鹑, also known as red tungsten, red glutinous rice, ancient ostrich, Wan 鹑, 鹑 鹑, belongs to the Wu Gang, 雉 动物 animals. The meat is delicious, contains less fat, and is not greasy. It is known as "animal ginseng". The main components of clam meat are protein, fat and inorganic salts; and it has a variety of amino acids and low cholesterol content. The protein content per gram of meat is as high as 24.3 grams, which is higher than that of pig, cow, sheep, chicken and duck (chicken protein content is 19.7%). The fat and cholesterol levels are lower than those of pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and ducks. The content of multivitamins in clam meat is 2-3 times higher than that of chicken. The nutritional value of quail eggs is high, compared with eggs, protein content is 30% higher, vitamin B1 is 20% higher, vitamin B2 is 83% higher, iron is 46.1% higher, lecithin is 5.6 times higher, and contains vitamin P and other ingredients. (This section is taken from the network) Taste and effect: This soup contains high protein and low fat, rich in nutrients, light and delicious, fresh and tender meat, easy to digest and suitable for consumption during pregnancy.

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