Recipe: Wolfberry and gingko pork porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Wolfberry and gingko pork porridge


The Chinese New Year syndrome is not over yet, and the days of chicken, duck and fish are still going on! The stomach that is very close to the centrifuge finally feels a burden! For Cantonese people, if you eat more greasy things, you will get angry! Then the body always wants to feel a little bad! Appetite will start getting worse and worse! Feeling is getting worse! Winter has not passed! The weather is still dry! Skin and stomach need to be moisturized! Be light! To moisten!



  1. Prepare raw materials, cut lean meat with salt oil, pickled with ginger

  2. Ginkgo rinsing and washing

  3. Open a pot of porridge

  4. Put the ginkgo in, roll the porridge, cook together

  5. When the water is less than the porridge, put the lean meat and clams in, the lean meat, cooked fast! I will eat again after a short while.


The porridge must be light porridge! The porridge with added things should be light. It is best to shorten the time of porridge as much as possible.

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