Recipe: Winter warm-up soup [winter melon stewed ribs]

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter warm-up soup [winter melon stewed ribs]


"Winter Warming Soup with Radish Stewed Pork Ribs" Good morning, double 12~ In other words, the radish ginseng in the winter. This is a must-have soup for cold winters. And the practice is super simple, put it in the electric cooker before going to bed, wake up is already good! ! ! Still braving the heating, it is fascinating Start a good day, haha, take the meal to work. . . Early in 2012.12.12



  1. Cook the ribs for a few minutes and radish for a few minutes. (When cooking pork ribs, remember to put a few slices of ginger and cooking wine to taste)

  2. Then put the ribs into the electric cooker and set the time to 4 hours. However, after stewing for 30 minutes, add the radish and add a pinch of salt. (There are also a few slices of ginger in the soup)

  3. Ok, go to sleep, wake up in the morning and smell it.

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