Recipe: Winter Warm Heart Congee (Gourd Sorghum)

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter Warm Heart Congee (Gourd Sorghum)


On the winter weekend, use a time and warmth to sip a bowl of warm porridge for your family. Even if the materials are simple, as long as they can sit together easily, it is also a kind of happiness.



  1. The glutinous rice is washed and watered, and the fire is boiled.

  2. Wash the pumpkin, cut into large pieces and add to the pot.

  3. After the porridge is boiling again, turn to small fire

  4. Cook until the high glutinous rice is full, the pumpkin is soft and can turn off the fire


Personal preference for porridge is longer. After cooking, turn off the heat and leave the lid for a while. The taste is softer. High glutinous rice with pumpkin porridge has a sweet, glutinous friends can try. Also attached to the high glutinous rice edible value: with stomach, digestion, warming, gastrointestinal tract, stop cholera; attending spleen dampness, indigestion and dampness, diarrhea, dysuria and other symptoms. Applicable people: most people can eat

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