Recipe: Winter melon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter melon soup



  1. Add some water to the bowl, add half a spoonful of cooking oil and half a spoonful of salt, let the sputum spit out the sand and stains, spit the sand, wash and control the water.

  2. Wash melon, peeled and cut into core

  3. Tofu diced, boil some boiling water in the pot, add tofu to cook slightly, remove the soybean meal

  4. Add water to the pot and put in 蛤蜊

  5. Cover the lid and cook over medium heat

  6. The soup is floated to the floating foam, leaving a clear original soup.

  7. Cook the open clams, add the melon to the translucent soup

  8. Finally add the clam pot, add the salt and parsley, stir well and then pan

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