Recipe: Winter melon meatball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter melon meatball soup


Meatballs cooked with winter melon soup can be made from pork, lamb or beef, depending on personal preference. Here I chose the pork belly with fat and thin, and the taste is soft and delicious. The delicious [winter melon meatball soup] will make your entrance unforgettable!



  1. Pig pork belly is stuffed into a stuffing. Winter melon, eggs, onion ginger, coriander and other raw materials

  2. Add the onion ginger, salt, cooking wine, sugar, chicken, egg, dry starch

  3. Stir the meat in one direction and let the meat stuff up.

  4. Melon peeled and cut into pieces and add appropriate amount of water, use a blender to make a winter melon

  5. Put a proper amount of water in the pan to boil, squeeze the meat into meatballs, and cook slowly until the meatballs are floating.

  6. Take the meatballs out to control the water

  7. Filter the boiled meatballs into another pot and slowly pour the winter melon

  8. Then put the cooked meatballs, boil the soup and boil the floating foam, add a little sesame oil with salt, and finally pour the water starch into the bowl, add the parsley in the bowl (do not like the coriander can put chopped green onion)

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