Recipe: Winter melon glutinous rice stewed duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter melon glutinous rice stewed duck


Winter melon and duck are very savory, the soup is very fragrant, and after adding glutinous rice, there is a feeling of light and fragrant. Efficacy: Conducive to edema, anti-drug, beauty



  1. Take out the bones of half of the duck and put it in a saucepan after flying

  2. Melon skin and melon meat are cut into pieces and placed in a saucepan with other materials.

  3. Add the right amount of water and stew for about 2 hours.

  4. Take out the melon peel immediately after cooking

  5. You need to add the right amount of salt and chicken before you drink.


Because it is stewed, so I mainly use melon skin, melon meat with a small amount of sliced, stewed almost completely dissolved in the soup, taste good. If you use cockroaches, you can put the melon meat 10 minutes before the soup, so it won't cook too badly, delicious and good-looking. The soup of melon skin is clearer than melon, not everyone likes it, everyone can try it properly.

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