Recipe: Wine nest egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Wine nest egg


Wine, also known as glutinous rice, wine maiden, rice wine, liqueur, sweet rice wine, glutinous rice wine, Jiangmi wine. It has a lot of nicknames. It seems to be something that everyone likes, so it has so many names. This is the food of the South. I used to eat as a northerner. I began to like this taste from the glutinous rice dumplings, so I checked the effect of the wine. Wow, I only know that this thing is especially good for women! Every woman knows the efficacy of papaya. In fact, wine is comparable to papaya, and can be eaten at any time regardless of the season. It can also be used to boil water. The wine contains natural hormones that promote the fullness of the breast cells in women, and its alcohol content also helps to improve blood circulation in the chest. Southerners will drink this for women who are confined. Wine, sweet and warm, Qi, Shengjin, and blood. It is best to eat in autumn and winter, and you can warm up in winter. Eat a bowl in the morning and evening before the physiological period, it is said that beauty and breast enhancement.



  1. Add ginger foam to the boiling water, then into the egg, cook a little, and finally the heart of the pond. what

  2. Put the egg and soup into the bowl and put it into the wine to eat.


1, eggs do not cook too old, wine is not cooked. 2, wine brewed in the supermarket to buy, often buy Hubei Xiaogan. 3, there are new and old wines in the wine, new and old, when you buy, you can look at the rice in the glass jar, there is a hole in the center of the rice, the cave is relatively old, the small cave is new fermentation. 4, it is best to use the old wine, because the taste of the old wine is thicker and more fragrant. The first time you eat wine, you may not get used to that taste. You can try a new wine first.

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