Recipe: Wild vegetable egg omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Wild vegetable egg omelet


When I returned to my hometown, my beautiful mother, Lan MM, asked the bird to eat a similar dish when she was eating farmhouse food. I felt good when I was eating it. It was too oily and it should be fried. I didn’t eat too much to eat. The birds pondered on it and made such a dish at home – wild vegetable vegetarian quiche, healthier and less oily! Very delicious dish! Recommended!



  1. Wash the leek and cook in a boiling water pot for a while.

  2. Cut the mushrooms and cut them for a while.

  3. Cut the leek and shiitake mushrooms into small pieces and squeeze the water into the bowl by hand.

  4. First add vegetable oil, mix the leek and the mushrooms, and then add other seasonings.

  5. Mix well with all seasonings

  6. Add two-thirds of the flour and mix well.

  7. Mix the eggs and one-third of the flour, pellet the ingredients, and place them in a small shallow disc. Then buckle the small cake and evenly hang the whole egg batter

  8. Put less oil in the pan, put the cake into the pan and fry the yellow

  9. Turn over and fry the other side to golden


1, the leeks must first add oil and then add salt, so that you can lock the moisture of the ingredients, otherwise easy to effluent. 2, adding flour can increase the consistency of the ingredients, so as not to become a group, or easy to disperse. 3, leek can be replaced with other green leafy plants such as sage, radish and the like.

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