Recipe: Wild ginger flower scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Wild ginger flower scrambled eggs


The common name of the wild ginger flower is "flowering in the soil", but it does not look like a flower, like a writing brush. The deep purple outer skin, one flap tightly wrapped, and the top has a thin yellow bud, Shannong said that it is a flower (???? is not, ask for confirmation). The wild ginger flower that is cut vertically is like a peacock tail feather, and some people say it like a bergamot.



  1. Wash the wild ginger flower and remove the old roots of the roots. Cut into circles (the pot will be naturally broken into pieces), and the green onions will be cut into circles.

  2. Eggs are broken, add water starch and beat the eggs

  3. Put the pot and pour the egg liquid. When the egg liquid clots in the pot, use a shovel to slip off and remove the egg to leave the bottom oil.

  4. Zoom in on the green onion ring and pour the wild ginger quickly.

  5. Pour the eggs and crush the eggs with a spatula

  6. Add salt, soy sauce, sugar seasoning, you can


Two days after the Mid-Autumn Festival, I saw a plant called wild ginger flower in the vegetable market. I have lived in the mountains for decades, but it was the first time I encountered wild ginger flowers. I have never heard of them before. The wild ginger flower does not look like a flower at all. It is like a writing brush. There is a fine yellow bud on the top. Shannong said that it is a flower (seeking proof). The natives call it "flowering in the soil". The flowers in the soil can be cooked. Actually It is wild vegetables. Shannon said a lot, and I’m talking about how this wild ginger flower eats in the fall. I can't remember and can't remember his words. I know that he has tried his best to just buy the wild ginger flower he has worked hard from the mountains. I really bought him as he wished. Countless of all the wild ginger flowers, these small plants known as "flowering in the soil" were brought home by me. I don't know much about the properties of wild ginger flowers. I can't ask a neighbor about it. I can't find a reason to check it online. I still haven't found any valuable information. It seems that this wild ginger flower is really a rare thing. mysterious. (If someone knows the wild ginger flower, please send a note, thank you) The wild ginger flower is cut vertically, and the internal organization is very beautiful. It is like a peacock, and it is extremely elegant. The beauty of wild ginger flowers is hidden. Looking at the wild ginger flower from the outside, the bracts are wrapped tightly, and the injured child is shrunk in the cover and refuses to open his own heart. He does not want people to know himself. How can a person who shrinks into a cover feel his beauty? It only makes people think that he is strange, so he has to learn to show his inner beauty, not like wild ginger flowers, so people have to be born. Cut it apart and discover that it is different. The wild ginger flower tastes like ginger after cooking, and it has some sizzling, which is determined by its DNA. Wild ginger flowers are not as delicious as they are supposed to be, but it is a good thing to eat. For more than 30 years, I have lived in the world for more than 30 years, but I only met it today and owned it. If the encounter between people and people depends on the fate, then the encounter between man and plant is not a fate?

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