Recipe: 100% whole wheat miscellaneous grains

Home Cooking Recipe: 100% whole wheat miscellaneous grains


This is an absolute coarse grain gimmick.



  1. Put the yeast in warm milk, mix well and set aside for use.

  2. Mix whole wheat flour and fine corn flour.

  3. Pour the first step of the yeast-added milk into the mixed flour, and pour it with chopsticks until the flour forms a snowflake.

  4. Mix the flour thoroughly and there is no excess flour in the pot and on the hands. Cover the plastic wrap in a warm place for fermentation.

  5. I put it in the oven for fermentation. It took about an hour or so. The facial tissue became twice as big as before. I used a finger to touch the flour to poke a hole in the dough. I didn’t rebound, and it didn’t collapse. It just happened. .

  6. Remove the dough from the pot and knead it thoroughly until the dough surface is smooth and there are no extra large bubbles. Then grow up in strips and divide it into ten equal parts.

  7. Knead each small dough and squash it into a slightly pointed ball. Close the mouth and place it in the steamer. Cover the lid and wake it up for twenty minutes.

  8. The awake dough is steamed directly on the fire. After the water is steamed, it is steamed for 20 minutes in the medium heat. It is steamed for 5 minutes and then opened to prevent the steamed bread from shrinking or collapsing.

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