Recipe: Whole wheat brown sugar longan bread (Jin Dawang)

Home Cooking Recipe: Whole wheat brown sugar longan bread (Jin Dawang)


Fang Zi from Dawang teacher, writing recipes is for your own convenience. Thank you, Dawang teacher~



  1. Dried longan with soft water and soaked

  2. Brown sugar added to hot water to melt and cool

  3. In addition to all the raw materials of dried longan, mix it, smooth it, add dried longan, and ferment twice in the warm place.

  4. After the initial development is completed, the spheronization is relaxed for 15 minutes, and the beef tongue is rolled into a cone from top to bottom.

  5. Finally fermented to twice as large, dusting, cutting, oven preheating 180 degrees, baking for about 22 minutes

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