Recipe: Whole wheat banana

Home Cooking Recipe: Whole wheat banana


Without refined sugar & 100% whole wheat, it sounds very boring, but it is very suitable for chewing, slowly relishing the aroma of wheat banana and cream. [[[The following material components can be made into a circular Seccon 9 with a diameter of 6cm]]] A single Secco heat is about 168kcal



  1. 66g unsalted butter is cut into small pieces, refrigerated for use, 80g banana is pressed into mud with a fork, mixed with 80ML milk and refrigerated for use.

  2. 6~7g baking powder and 250g whole wheat flour are placed in a dry mixing bowl and mixed evenly with a manual egg beater.

  3. Add the refrigerated butter block to the mixed whole wheat flour baking powder, smash it into coarse sand with fingertips, add the refrigerated banana milk mixture, and mix it with a spatula until it is in a uniform dough state where no dry powder is visible.

  4. The skin is refrigerated for 2 hours, and the hand powder is removed from the operation table and the rolling pin, and the thick piece is about 1.5cm. The shape is pressed out by the Secco die and sent to the middle layer of the oven which is preheated to 200 degrees. Bake 17 Minutes or so

  5. Baked scott is cooled to the touch and still warm, placed in a sealed bag at room temperature, eaten within 3 days, can not be stored frozen

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