Recipe: White shell melon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: White shell melon soup


A super simple and rude soup! ! Wash and wash the water and discharge it! ! ! In the same way, other melons such as melons can be replaced by melons! The melon has the effects of clearing heat, clearing heat, detoxification, diuresis and swelling. It also has certain auxiliary effects on the treatment of kidney disease, edema disease and diabetes.



  1. First bought the white shells in the basin to raise water (white shell does not seem to open)

  2. Then the melon is peeled with a peeling knife. If you like a soft taste, you can peel it all, but our family likes to go some, don't be hard. This is a bit hard and a bit soft~ peeled and cut.

  3. After the pot is hot, put the oil, put the ginger after the oil is hot, pour the white shellfish, stir fry for a while, add the water cover and wait for the white shell opening.

  4. After the water is opened, it takes a while for the white shell to open. The white shell opening is slower than the flower shell.

  5. When the white shells are almost open, they can put on the melons. After the melons are put, they can be seasoned according to each person's taste. Remember to cook them again. The melons are just released.


One. It is recommended not to put salt casually, because the white shell itself has a salty taste, try the soup and then consider not putting salt. You can also put some pepper, white pepper is also very fragrant ~ two. Don't immediately simmer after the soup is cooked. Stand still for a while and then simmer. The advice of the whole down is slowly poured. The last soup is not needed. It is best to use a large spoon. Because the white shell has sand, it will sink to the bottom. . three. You can also search for other people's practices. I still can't find any relevant practices when I did it. I have made several delays and then released this menu for a long time. Now it has been modified to haha. Some people will first scent white shells, some will add fish slippery, it is ok, I am just a simple basic version~

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