Recipe: White radish stewed lamb chops

Home Cooking Recipe: White radish stewed lamb chops


Mutton warmth is a good food for warming up in the cold. If you add radish, the nourishing effect is better. Among them, the best radish is the radish. The reason why lamb and white radish are perfect match is that it can not only solve the problem that eating lamb is easy to get angry, but more importantly, it can complement each other. Because the white radish is sweet and cool, it has the effects of cooling, detoxification and fire.



  1. Wash the white radish and cut the hob block; the lamb chops are drowned, the foam is removed, and the fish is removed.

  2. Add water to the purple casserole, boil, put the lamb chops, add ginger, cinnamon, stewed meat

  3. Boil the fire, turn to low heat, stew for 40 minutes, add salt and white radish and cook for another 20 minutes.

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