Recipe: White pork

Home Cooking Recipe: White pork



  1. Go to the old skin, and the hard roots. Wash, cut a little at random

  2. The lean meat is shredded, and the green pepper and red pepper are also shredded. Garlic chopped slices casually

  3. Put the oil in the pan and heat it first, then simmer it white, stir it to a little bit soft, pull it to the side of the pot, vacate the garlic and lean pork into the pot

  4. When the pork is discolored, the white scorpion is pulled back, the green pepper and red pepper are put into the pot, and the fire is quickly fried.

  5. Add salt and a few drops of soy sauce to taste

  6. Add a little bit of water and squat a little. The purpose is to mix the salt and what

  7. Collect water. Broken and add a few MSG or chicken essence. Out of the pot

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