Recipe: White onion love eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: White onion love eggs


This white onion loves eggs with simple materials, simple steps, but the taste is not bad at all.



  1. Take a white onion and cut about one-third (slightly more than this amount), slice first, then cut the slice into a shape less than one centimeter.

  2. Take two eggs, pour in a bowl and pour a small spoon of cooking wine and a small amount of salt, stir well

  3. Take a pan and pour a small amount of oil. When it is too hot, pour in white onion and fry for about two minutes on medium heat. Put a little salt in the middle (if the salt in the egg is more, this step can not put salt)

  4. Pour the eggs evenly over the white onions and turn them over when the bottom is formed.

  5. When both sides are fried until a little bit of brown can be cooked


I personally feel that when I cook this dish, the egg is fried until it is a little brownish.

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