Recipe: White heart

Home Cooking Recipe: White heart


Baizhuo is a culinary technique of Cantonese cuisine. It uses boiled water or soup to boil raw food, called white burning. The method of burning is roughly divided into two categories: one is the "primary" burning method, and the other is the "deteriorating" burning method. "Original" burning method, raw materials can maintain the original umami, Cantonese cuisine is commonly used in this way to cook shrimp and vegetables. Guangdong cuisine is a specialty vegetable of Guangdong, China. It is very suitable for burning with tenderness. Boiling seems to be simple, but cooking is also very particular. Like a heart-burning dish, it is necessary to make the dish soft and soft after the heart is burning. The cabbage is nutritious. Containing 14 kinds of mineral nutrients, rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C, carotene is also very rich, is an important nutrient source for the growth of human mucosa and epithelial tissue, and it is beneficial to resist excessive skin keratosis.



  1. Guangdong cuisine heart picked old roots and old leaves cleaned, garlic chopped, oyster sauce, half a bowl of water, soy sauce and salt together with oyster sauce. Inject water into the pot, pour in oil and salt to boil

  2. Put the root of the cabbage into the boiling water first, and let the roots become dark green. Then put the heart of the dish into the water and simmer for 1 minute. The water of the heart is poured out and the oyster sauce is poured into the pot and boiled. Pour in the garlic and boil again, turn off the heat, and pour the oyster sauce on the heart of the dish.

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