Recipe: White Forest Cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: White Forest Cheesecake


The cake recipe is improved with reference to Jun's Black Forest Cheesecake. Why is it not white? Because the cherry juice is put a lot, and it is white clever = = 8 inches in the picture. The material I wrote here is 6 inch, 6 inch, 6 inch, the important thing is said three times = = If you want to do 8 inch, please all materials *2 on the sauce



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Bottom of the biscuit: biscuits can be powdered with a cooking machine, or can be crushed into crumbs with a rolling pin. Look at the personal taste. PS: How to describe the degree of shredding.... To be broken, otherwise the butter can't stick them together = =

    Bottom of the biscuit: biscuits can be powdered with a cooking machine, or can be crushed into crumbs with a rolling pin. Look at the personal taste. PS: How to describe the degree of shredding.... To be broken, otherwise the butter can't stick them together = =

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: The butter melts into a liquid

    The butter melts into a liquid

  3. Put in the cracked biscuits and mix well

  4. The six-inch live bottom cake mold is covered with tin foil (because it is baked in the oven water bath). If you are worried about the trouble of demoulding, you can cut the size of the disc of the live bottom mold with oil paper and put it on the bottom.

  5. Put the bottom of the biscuit into a six-inch round mold. If you want a flat biscuit bottom, flatten it directly and use a scraper or a flat tool to compact it. If you want the look on my cover, please take patience and press the wall with your hand. Come out, and then the remaining biscuits are crushed with tools and put into the refrigerator. The spare state is that when you take it out, press it by hand. It is hard and the butter is solidified.

  6. Cheese paste: soften the cream cheese at room temperature and send it to a smooth experience. It is said that the heat-insulating water is softened and it is a good choice. == Save time and effort, the water can also be used behind the basin.... Recently majyo is lazy Directly, the result is that the small blender has a bit of a strike... The cream cheese is just like tofu, and as the time of the meal, it will slowly become sticky, and the group will be smooth~...and then smooth....

  7. Add sugar to send it to smooth, divided, oh, in order to mix evenly, it is still smooth, remember, no particles, and this time can still be sent through the water.

  8. Add egg liquid, a total of two, add one at a time, stir and absorb evenly each time, you can continue to add, the latter material is added, stir evenly and add the next one. There is also the need to add water when adding eggs = = remember that eggs should be placed in the room temperature and cream cheese in advance, butter mixed, you must have this step. Above the content of the previous rainbow cheese == so, I copy Pasted down

  9. Then start fast forward: put in order: cherry canned syrup, rum, vanilla extract, evenly add new materials each time, stir evenly and then add one

  10. White chocolate and milk are mixed, put into a heated bowl, melted in water, if you are in trouble, you can put the microwave oven, pay attention to the rules of the container. The goal is to melt the chocolate and try to hurry.

  11. Dry the mixture of white chocolate and milk until the body temperature is about the same, then pour it into the cheese paste and mix well.

  12. What is the part of the six-inch round mold taken out of the refrigerator to pour the cheese cake paste on the bottom of the cake? How to describe it, quickly touch the height of the cherry. In order to wait for the cherry to be arranged, don’t reverse it, unless you put the cherry on the bottom ==

  13. Put 20 black cherries on the cake paste. You can use a toothpick. The chopsticks are easy to put together. Remember to see if your cherry canned cherries have any core. If so, please remove them in advance.

  14. Pour the remaining cheese paste into a flat

  15. Preheat the oven and preheat the 160° baking pan. After preheating the water, place the baking tray on the lower layer and look at the cake paste. There are bubbles in the wood. If so, please gently shake the mold and puncture the bubbles.

  16. Put the cake in the oven, 160 ° 1 hour

  17. When the time is up, if you don't move, use a rolling pin to knock the round mold wall and solidify it. But if it is the bottom of the biscuit on my picture, it is not recommended. The strength control is not good, the cracked biscuit will fall... .

  18. After baking, let cool to room temperature, then let it cool for 4 hours.

  19. After refrigerating, if the demoulding is not the bottom of the cake in the picture, please use a hot towel or a hot spray gun to heat the wall of the cake mold to facilitate demolding.

  20. After demoulding, if the cake is not neat, please use a spatula to smooth

  21. Apply the whipped cream to the top of the cake and the bottom of the biscuits.

  22. The top edge of the cake is decorated with scented flowers, put on the cherries and make some white chocolate crumbs on the top, and the bottom of the biscuits is just like me. Just sprinkle the top. I am cut and decorated. ==


Tips.. are in the steps, I hope there is nothing left, and if there is a problem, you can leave a message and ask me = = on the sauce

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