Recipe: White cut pig liver

Home Cooking Recipe: White cut pig liver


Banquet must have excellent appetizers You can prepare to save time and prepare other hot dishes in advance. Delicious, good looking, noodles



  1. The pig liver is soaked in water for more than 2 hours, and the water can be changed in the middle; after soaking, rinse it repeatedly under the tap.

  2. Cook enough water, put the pig liver in cold water, put the material marked '(straw)' in the pot into the pot, boil the water and turn it over for 1 hour.

  3. When cooking the liver, treat the material marked '(dish)' in the material (the minced mince) and put it in a small dish.

  4. If the pig liver is cooked, don't rush to take it out. When you want to eat it, remove the sliced ​​slice from the pan, set the plate, put the taste dish in the middle of the plate, and serve on the table.


Before the pig liver is eaten, it can be removed from the pot to ensure that the pig liver is not air-dried and hardened.

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