Recipe: White burning oil

Home Cooking Recipe: White burning oil


The mushroom is stained with pepper and the hot oil is drenched. Whether it is umami, sauce or onion, it tastes great~



  1. Wash the onion and cut into chopped green onion, wash the small red pepper and cut into the pepper ring (can not eat spicy can use green pepper)

  2. Wash the enoki mushroom and cut it to the roots. Wash the water in the pot and turn it off. Add the enoki mushroom to the water for one minute, remove the drained water.

  3. Pour two spoonfuls of soy sauce into the bowl, add a little sugar and mix thoroughly. Draw the water-filled enoki mushroom in a bowl and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  4. Put a small amount of oil, raise it to smoke, turn off the fire, add pepper to shake for five seconds,

  5. Quickly pour on the mushroom, stimulate the aroma of chopped green onion, mix well when eating


In the future, you will slowly make more vegetarian dishes. It is easy to look good and delicious. Vegetarians can make your spirits more refreshing. It’s better to eat more food every week.

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