Recipe: White boiled meat

Home Cooking Recipe: White boiled meat


Do you know what I loved when I was young? You can't guess, haha. When I was a child, Xiao Ai was a little fat girl. She loved to eat meat with her grandfather. It must be the fat meat in this white boiled meat. When she was a child, she didn’t eat it at all, and she dismissed it! (But now the analysis seems to me that I was not a long-term tooth when I was a child, fat meat is better than lean meat, haha) White boiled meat is delicious without any delay. This method of boiling can preserve the nutrition of the meat itself. In addition, the pork is cooked and not rotten, fat but not greasy! Only the fat of the meat itself will be cooked a lot during the cooking process. The so-called original soup, the broth will also be delicious and delicious~ Xiao Ai often drinks pork soup and beef soup. Mom always finds the biggest pot in the house, buys fresh meat, washes and cuts large chunks and throws the pot, then cuts the ginger slices and a piece of green onion. If the meat is cooked, the soup will be cooked. Cut the meat into pieces, adjust a bowl of soy sauce with chili noodles, and sip a piece of meat on a piece of meat. Make sure you eat the first bite and still want a second mouth; When you adjust the salt, you can. Like Xiao Ai sometimes likes the broth with rich flavor, in addition to salt, it will definitely adjust the soy sauce and chili noodles, the taste is a word - incense!



  1. Wash the pork and cut a few large pieces, cold water pot, boil the blood after boiling

  2. Add the chopped green onion ginger and cook over low heat for 40 minutes until the meat is cooked. (If you use a pressure cooker, it will take 15 minutes)

  3. Slice the meat and slice the soup.


1, to cold the pot, and the water should be placed at a time, no meat can be. 2, when cooking soup, in addition to onion ginger do not have to put any spices, when drinking soup, each person can adjust the salt according to their own preferences. 3, the pork can be cooked, do not cook too bad, too bad pork will not taste.

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