Recipe: White boiled bamboo shoot

Home Cooking Recipe: White boiled bamboo shoot


Spring bamboo shoots are the best image spokesperson for spring. They are delicious and soft and tender. They have been regarded as treasures in the dishes from the Zhou Dynasty. In the "Emotional Love", Li Yu said that the most beautiful vegetable food is above the meat, only in a "fresh" word. The bamboo shoots that grow in the mountains are the first products in the vegetables, and the fat sheep and pigs can't compare. The fresh bamboo shoots come from the umami substance it contains: asparagine. In the modern food industry, asparagine is used as a flavor enhancer to increase flavor. Bamboo shoots are naturally rich in this kind of material, and this fragrance has been one of the favorite foods of Chinese people since ancient times. The bamboo shoots are not only delicious, but the fat content is still very low, only 0.2%. It is a very good diet vegetable, so don't worry about excess energy. The biggest highlight of bamboo shoots is the enrichment of dietary fiber called the “intestinal scavenger”. Dietary fiber is indispensable for modern healthy eating, especially for maintaining intestinal health. Digestion and absorption of beneficial foods, accelerate the excretion of intestinal contents; promote colon function and prevent colon cancer; can significantly increase satiety, thereby reducing food and energy intake, and is beneficial for weight control. Nowadays, people with excessive nutrition often eat some bamboo shoots, which is undoubtedly beneficial to health promotion. However, if it is a person with weak gastrointestinal function and gastrointestinal disease, it is not advisable to eat more bamboo shoots. The feeling of bamboo shoots is because it contains more oxalic acid. Cut the bamboo shoots into pieces or pieces and put them in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. After removing most of the oxalic acid, the sensation can be basically eliminated and the taste is very soft. Li Yu said that the best way to eat bamboo shoots is: "Suyi white water... cooked white, slightly add soy sauce; never until the beauty of things, are good for orphans, this is also." Cook only with water, add a little soy sauce when you eat. Li Yuna should not know what to say about oxalic acid, but this kind of eating coincides with the view of modern nutrition, which removes oxalic acid and retains the best taste of bamboo shoots. The simplest white boiled bamboo shoots, the most delicious spring flavor. It’s delicious enough to cook bamboo shoots and eat some soy sauce.



  1. Use a knife to puncture a thickness of about 1 cm on the side of the spring bamboo shoot, draw a knife from top to bottom, and then peel off the shell along the slit.

  2. The roots are cut off, and the purple dots are cut off.

  3. Peel the bamboo shoots and cut them into hob blocks

  4. Add in boiling water for 8-10 minutes, remove and drain

  5. Prepare a plate of raw soy sauce, simmer, eat hot and cold

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