Recipe: White bean curd cheese pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: White bean curd cheese pasta


The only thing that rivals cheese is that there are only a variety of soy products in the world, and the same variety and tastes are different. Although the bean curd and cheese tastes like the wind and the horse, the taste is unexpectedly co-photographed, the same rich, thick texture, strong aroma and unique taste. Therefore, only the fermented bean curd and Parmesan cheese can make delicious pasta.



  1. Parmesan cheese is rubbed into a silk with a grater. Boil the water in a large hot pot, add pasta, add a pinch of salt. Do not cover the lid, cook for 8 minutes and remove. Shower the pasta with cold water

  2. Pour olive oil into the pan, add pasta, a piece of white fermented bean curd and a little crunch of dried thyme, add a little fermented bean curd and milk, stir fry until the bean curd melts and turn off the heat. Add half of the cheese and stir it quickly.

  3. Sprinkle the remaining Parmesan cheese on the surface and garnish it.


Based on 110g pasta plus a piece of white fermented bean curd, the bean curd and the juice itself are salty, so there is no need to add salt. The scent of the scent is very strong, don't add more, use your fingers to pinch a small amount.

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