Recipe: Wenyu Tofu Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Wenyu Tofu Soup


蛤蜊 - Also known as Huayuan, Wenyu, Xi Shi Tong. The meat is very delicious, and it is called “the first freshest in the world” and “the crown of the hundred flavors”. The folks in Jiangsu also have the saying that “the meat is eaten and the taste is not good”. Tofu, formerly known as "Fu Li", was first invented and manufactured by China and then spread to all parts of the world. Tofu is the main raw material for vegetarian dishes and is known as “plant meat”.



  1. Wash the tofu and diced cabbage, cut into pieces, wash the carrots and slice them, and wash them for use.

  2. Stir in the pot, add water and ginger, wait until the water is opened, put the tofu and carrot slices into the pot, put the pot on the lid and cook for 2 minutes, add the cooking wine, pepper, salt, and sprinkle with chives. End

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