Recipe: Weizeng pork chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Weizeng pork chops



  1. The pork chops are cut with a knife to cut the ribs (to prevent the pork chops from bending when they are fried) and then slap the hammer with a rolling pin to make the volume larger and thinner. The thickness is based on the individual, I like the thick,

  2. After taking it, marinate it with cooking wine and pepper for more than half an hour.

  3. Cut the onion, smash the eggs, roll the marinated pork chops and soak them in the egg for a few minutes.

  4. Pour a large flat plate into the bread crumbs, drain the pigs that have soaked the egg liquid into the bread crumbs, cover the sides with bread crumbs, and then compact them by hand so that the pork chop and the bread crumbs fit snugly.

  5. Pour the oil in the pan, feel the oil is hot, then the pork chops are fried, start to fry in the middle of the fire, a little bit of yellowing is ready to open the fire when the pan is out, so the oil of the breadcrumbs will not be very oily.

  6. The fried pigs are cooled and cut into pieces, and the cabbage is cut into the bottom of the plate. The pork chop is spread on the cabbage, and then the sauce is seasoned.

  7. A large spoonful of diced green onion and a large spoonful of water, a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of savory flavor, put in a pot and cook until thick, then pour on the pork chops.


In the school cafeteria, the fried pork chops are cooked in the flavored juice, so that the pork chops that fully absorb the flavored juice are also delicious.

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