Recipe: Weifang old vinegar peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Weifang old vinegar peanuts


This dish is a must for Weifang wedding banquet. It is refreshing and delicious, and it is easy to eat. The key is simple operation.



  1. Stir-fried peanuts, must have a small fire and patience, keep frying to prevent the peanut paste underneath, about 15-20 minutes, the fire to master, put the plate thoroughly cool, crispy

  2. Appropriate amount of oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, adjust the juice, sweet and sour

  3. Cut the onions and green peppers into small pieces, pour them into the juice with the cool peanuts, and mix them evenly. It looks like every peanut is crystal clear, and you can put a variety of materials into it for a while.


The oyster sauce doesn't have to be too much. It feels a little sticky after mixing.

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