Recipe: Watermelon skin pickles

Home Cooking Recipe: Watermelon skin pickles


It is said that the salted products contain a lot of nitrates, which makes it difficult to eat pickled pickles for a long time. One day I saw that the preserved products were eaten within 2-3 days, or after more than 20 days. The nitrate content was highest in 5-15 days and then slowly decreased. I remember that my fathers used to eat salted food almost every day, and there is no modern civilization disease of one kind or another. It seems that the cause is not on the pickled products. If you are really worried, it is better to eat less.



  1. Watermelon skin to red scallions, cut into thin sections, salted water, washed with cold water several times, and then drained water (to drain the water takes about 0.5-1 hours) (watermelon's green skin can go or not, I prefer not to eat Go to the green skin, the taste is more crisp)

  2. Carrot, ginger, carrot cut, ginger slice

  3. Put a layer of watermelon skin on the bottom of the glass bottle, then lay a layer of ginger and carrots, and then lay a layer of watermelon skin, and then put them out.

  4. Mix brown sugar and soy sauce (the amount of brown sugar depends on the taste of the individual, add brown sugar for seasoning and bitterness), pour it into a glass bottle, and have no salted material.

  5. Marinate for 20 days at room temperature, you can eat it.


1, not what watermelon can be, you must choose crispy. 2, pickled products can be used in glass bottles or ceramics, it is best not to use plastic products 3, like the smell of sesame oil, you can also drop some sesame oil. You can also add flavor to the pepper. I personally still like to eat pickles with only brown sugar and soy sauce.

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