Recipe: Water gluten fried pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Water gluten fried pepper


Shanghai home cooking - water gluten fried pepper, in the sea gluten, oil gluten is actually made of flour but are classified as soy products, casually a small food market can buy things, the price is super It's cheap, but in the capital, such things can't be eaten at all.



  1. After the water gluten is washed, first boil it in boiling water, then cut into filaments for use; the green pepper is also cut into filaments after washing.

  2. Heat the pan, drain the oil, add the onion and fragrant when the oil is warm, and pour the prepared water gluten and green pepper. Add sugar, chicken, salt, and a small amount of fresh soy sauce. You can add some water. After cooking, the gluten can be cooked.

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