Recipe: Water chestnut fried chicken nuggets

Home Cooking Recipe: Water chestnut fried chicken nuggets


After the fall, the street vendors gradually appeared selling street horns, black and bright water chestnuts, floating hot scent, generally warm and spontaneous. Water chestnut is a typical seasonal food, and people with a mouth can grasp the opportunity. The Chinese have been eating the water chestnut for a long time. The peasants rowed the flat boat "Chonghong Ling", which is a unique view of the Jiangnan water town, and was also given a romantic association. Tao Hongjing, a famous doctor of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, mentioned in his "Medical Doctors' Recordings" that the water chestnuts can be "anzhong, fill the five internal organs, stop the muscles, and lighten the body"; "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that the water chestnut can "complement the middle and extend the life". Very high. The principle of picking raw food and cooked food is different. The raw food should be tender and tender, and the taste is sweet and fragrant. The cooking is better with Laoling. The more cooked, the more chewy, the more delicious, but the more often eaten and eaten. And the raw food horns should also be careful about the "Ginger worm" on the diamond shell. It must be soaked and washed before eating raw food, and it must be "brushed" clean. Otherwise, it is very troublesome to eat ginger worm. There is also a very good effect of water chestnut, which is anti-Ehrlich ascites cancer, because the flesh contains a small amount of anti-ascites liver cancer AH-13 ingredients, the water chestnut can fight cancer, including esophageal cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer; Japan Tokyo Medical University Research In the case, it is confirmed that the solution after soaking the water chestnut in hot water (especially with the four diamond angle) has a inhibition rate of 60% on mouse sarcoma, so the autumn health anti-cancer non-diamond is none other than! Regardless of the cancer patient or the average person, it is advisable to use it in the season of the water chestnut, which can be used both early and early. The easiest way to eat is to wash and steam, directly peel the shell as a snack, or else to shell. It is also suitable to cook soup, braised, etc., together with other raw materials.



  1. Peel off the water chestnut skin and wash it for use

  2. Half-bone chicken is torn into pieces for use

  3. After the asparagus is cut into the outer white root of the crude fiber cortex, the cut section is ready for use.

  4. Straw mushroom drowning, ready for use after cooling

  5. After the carrot is peeled, the cut flower blade is ready for use.

  6. Put the pan, pour the oil into the pan, wait until the oil temperature rises to about 40%, put the chicken, the water chestnut, the asparagus, the carrot together with the plain oil, and pour the oil in about 15 seconds.

  7. Another pot, put a little olive oil in the pot, musk ginger, straw mushroom, pour the half chicken, water chestnut, asparagus, carrot and stir well, add a little water, seasoning salt, mushroom essence stir well, hook a little thin Hey, you can go out and pan.

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