Recipe: Warm heart cashew

Home Cooking Recipe: Warm heart cashew


Whether it is a variety of peanut butter or almond cheese or cashew dew, it is really warm heart to go on such a winter afternoon.



  1. Rinse the raw cashew nuts, add salt and mix well, then bake in the oven for 180 minutes until the color is golden, just start with a burnt color.

  2. The cashews are cooled to cool and crisp. Can be used as a snack or as a cashew dew.

  3. Approximately 100 g of a mixer was whipped into a slurry with 200 g of water. To ensure that the pulp particles are fine. First add a part of the water for whipping, and the water is just right for the cashews. After confirming that there are no large particles, add the remaining water.

  4. I will sift the whipped cashew nuts through the sieve. However, I like everyone's preferences. I like some grainy inside, so I didn't filter it when I made it for the second time.

  5. Add the sifted cashew pulp to the sugar and boil it until thick.


1. Cashew nuts should be white, which is the cashew nut with enough freshness. Generally available now at 45-50 pounds. Of course, the omnipotent Taobao will search for about 35 pounds of Vietnamese cashew nuts. 2, baking nuts should be properly handled, do not over-fire, after the fire, cashews may give a slightly bitter taste. 3, cashew nuts must be cool before they become brittle. Therefore, it is recommended to make a cashew lotion after cooling, and do not greedy to make a big pot. If you can't eat it, the crust will become unpalatable. 4, the process of whipping is recommended to use the amount of water without cashew nuts is to fight out the slurry is fine enough. If you add a lot of water at once, because the vortex formed by the rotating blade will make a small part of the large grain cashews become the fish of the net. 5, the fat of the cashews made by milk will be too greasy, I suggest that water can be used, or half-water half-milk. 6, the ratio of water and cashew nuts to see everyone's preferences, can be as thin as rice soup, but also thicker such as rice pulp, of course, can be more thick. 7. It has not been produced with Soymilk, and will report to you after use.

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