Recipe: Virgo rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Virgo rice


Reading Hong Ying "My gentle cook" learned to make a saint fruit rice, a very novel way to eat, I slightly improved, in addition to Thai fragrant rice also added half of the Northeast rice, boiled with black tea Relatively simple, I also added olive oil, and selected the rice steamed out of the ingredients. The taste is natural, the fragrance is very refreshing, and the sweet and sour taste of the saint fruit, add a touch of fragrance to the summer table!



  1. Thai basmati rice and Northeast rice are added in a ratio of 1:1, soaked for more than 2 hours or overnight

  2. The virgin fruit is washed and half-baked on the soaked rice.

  3. The black tea bag heats the blisters to the tea juice, which is equal to the amount of water in the usual steamed rice.

  4. Add the soaked tea juice to the rice, then add the appropriate amount of olive oil, and cook the rice cooker according to the cooking key.


Take the broken computer to the digital product in the city to repair the street, but when I went to close the store, I had to go home. On the way through a restaurant name is called "happy kimbap", can not help but stop and sigh: the owner is really bold and confident! A kind of food, you can describe it as spicy, sweet and sour, or savory, and the metaphysical vocabulary of "happiness" is still in the emotional category, but now it is connected with food, and it changes a complete sentence. It’s arrogant to name the restaurant, and how do you know that the food produced in the store is happy? So Jin’s stomach provoked a provocative signal and simply pushed in. I wanted to see how this kimbap meal is a happy method. Although it sells kimbap as a signboard, the shop opens to a floor of 2 floors. The menu is simple, but it is some Korean-style Western-style light meals. There are many styles of kimbap, and the price ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan. So I kind of sit down and wait for the meal. Xu is the time to go to school after school, the store has come to the female staff of the black professional skirt, the student couple wearing the fat school uniform, the sisters of the sister-in-law, the young couple with the baby... The crowd is full of fun, the diners The mouth of the seaweed with the seaweed is still dancing, and it looks like a happy look. Is it the success of the marketing method of adding "happiness" or the magical power of kimbap? Packed rice on the table, can't wait to clip an entrance: Hey? It’s a normal kiwi meal, but I’m not bragging, and the kimbap meal produced by Jin’s small canteen is better than this. I remember that I will buy a box of such kimbap in the snack car around the campus. I don’t have much to eat, but it’s a full-filled dinner. Now I’ve been graduating for three years, I’ve seen people everywhere, eat Have you ever become more picky about the taste of the rice? You are no longer willing to make instant noodles and quick-frozen dumplings, or frown at a dish of unspoken saliva. And your appetite for happiness? Is it no longer satisfied with the moon that was hidden in the lilac between the years and the young boy who walked hand in hand? Then clip a piece of kimbap, your mouth is secretly smiling, huh! How simple is happiness at that time, it is the seven-happiness of a cup of ice when the sweat is dripping. It is the breakfast sent by the grandchildren when the library is in the book. It is the last row of the bus on the 68th bus when you go home on the weekend. It is thick in winter. The bear hug in the down jacket is a double bicycle that travels around the island in summer... What is the happiness of a mature woman today? Is it a brand-name handbag with a bold LOGO in the huge window? Is it the big Nanyang white pearl in the jewelry store? You are nothing more than looking for a reliable man, as long as you are reliable enough to pay for your life. During the dinner, you drank a sip of wine, and said that it was really bad fortune for so many years, and people came to the end to fall. Zhu Tianwen also said: "Now if there is a person who can tell you that I am willing to change my life, then I am also very happy, but where do you say it? You will know that it is getting harder and harder because of your burning point. Too high." In the end, we can't go back. The appetite and happiness are all tribute to the temple. It seems that the mischievous kimbap is no longer able to return to the most simple taste. It turned out that this is really a luxury lavender meal!

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