Recipe: Vinegar slippery zucchini

Home Cooking Recipe: Vinegar slippery zucchini


If the zucchini in your refrigerator is a bit dehydrated like mine, don't rush to throw it away, it's delicious, hehe. I just put it in forgot to see it. It was a little dehydrated when it was taken out. It was a bit soft, but it was just soft after cutting it.



  1. Red pepper, zucchini shredded

  2. After the pot is hot, put 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, sauté the red pepper, add the zucchini stir fry

  3. Add the cooked pork, add the salt and stir-fry, add the chicken seasoning

  4. Spray 1 tsp vinegar before the pot, stir fry twice to vinegar to evaporate


It’s not that the zucchini is dehydrated to be fried, just saying that you can still eat it, huh, huh. Shrimp fried eggs will not be written, but the number is absolutely OK, hehe. Basically, you can throw anything inside, throw a chopped green onion, and squeeze the end of the dish, which is very good.

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