Recipe: Vinegar, celery, scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Vinegar, celery, scrambled eggs



  1. The celery is cut into two knuckles and the eggs are beaten in the bowl.

  2. Heat the pan, turn the oil into a small fire, add the pepper, stir fry the pepper, and remove the pepper.

  3. Shake the pot to distribute the oil evenly at the bottom of the pot, beat the eggs, stir fry

  4. When the egg just solidifies and remains smooth, shovel the egg to the side of the pot

  5. Put celery in the middle of the pan, stir fry over a fire, and take a minute.

  6. Put in vinegar, soy sauce, soy sauce

  7. Mix the eggs with celery, stir fry, and evenly color

  8. Sprinkle salt, turn off the fire, stir fry, come out


1 Be sure to fry the pepper with warm oil. If the oil is too hot, the pepper will paste and make the dish bitter and not fragrant. 2 It is recommended that everyone smoke less. . A lot of MSG. . . 3 vinegar can put a little more, sour taste is great. 4 I also put some fungus, the fungus should be warmed up with warm water, put it with celery and stir fry.

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